Augustinus Bader is a Silver Partner of The Virtual Travel Retail Expo 

Prestige skincare brand Augustinus Bader has expanded its skincare range with The Serum and The Eye Cream. Both innovations will launch in global travel retail in October.

Coined as the ‘ultimate troubleshooter’ The Serum with TFC8 is a powerful new concentrate that combats dehydration, ageing and environmental damage. The serum fuses the brand’s exclusive TFC8 technology with nature’s most effective problem solvers: Vitamin C, Rice Bran Oil, Pomegranate Seed Concentrate, Resveratrol and Edelweiss Extract.

The Serum provides intense hydration and antioxidant and free-radical protection. It also boosts the skin’s natural radiance and reduces the signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.

TFC8 is Augustinus Bader’s signature complex of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesised molecules. The complex guides natural ingredients to skin cells which creates an optimal environment for the body’s internal repair and renewal processes.

The Eye Cream with TFC8 has been described as ‘the ultimate wakeup call’ and combines TFC8 with French Seaweed, Pennywort, Arjun Tree Extract among other rejuvenating active ingredients. The Eye Serum reduces eye puffiness, eliminates dark circles, increases skin firmness, boosts radiance and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

As an added element of sustainability, both The Serum and The Eye Cream are bottled in a striking 100% metal pack and recyclable glass holder and packaged in 100% FSC-certified carton. To promote circular economy practices, both products are available in sustainable, travel-friendly, aluminium Refill Nomad metal tubes.

Augustinus Bader has also been hailed as the greatest skincare brand of all time by 300 beauty insiders from WWD, Vogue and Beauty Inc. In this exclusive interview, Augustinus Bader CEO Charles Rosier discusses what sets The Serum and The Eye Cream apart from other luxury skincare products and what makes them ideal for the travel retail channel.

The ultimate troubleshooter: The Serum with TFC8 decreases dehydration, ageing and protects against environmental damage

(Left) Professor Augustinus Bader (right) CEO Charles Rosier have set out to create “the greatest skincare routine of all time”

The Moodie Davitt Report: The Serum with TFC8 has been coined as ‘the ultimate skincare troubleshooter’ could you tell us more about the leading-edge skincare innovations that power this groundbreaking release?

Charles Rosier: It’s a very active serum. The clinical trials have been shared and the results of the serum are incredibly powerful. When people become aware that Augustinus Bader is launching a serum, the bar is set very high. So we had to create something very powerful. As you know hyaluronic acid is widely used by different products – and the main differentiator with The Serum is to combine hyaluronic acid with TFC8.

Another key differentiator is the Nomad Central unit. We designed the nomad unit with the aim of having people refill and upcycle it. The bottle itself is very beautiful, so it combines sustainability with being an object you are proud to display in your home.

Why was now the right time to launch The Serum and The Eye Cream? What other product innovations are you exploring?

The precise timing is more dictated by the products being ready rather than a plan. Our aim is to create the greatest skincare routine of all time. We now have a cleanser, moisturiser, serum, eye cream, face oil and body product.

Our DNA is different from other companies. Augustinus Bader is a technology platform that leverages our disruptive skincare discovery about cellular communication. We are now developing a haircare line, which is the next step of that core offer. We believe aren’t a skincare company moving into hair, but a tech platform moving from skin to hair.

The research and development for our haircare line began 18 months ago. We are now undergoing clinical trials with very impressive results.

Tell us more about the Eye Cream and what differentiates this product from other prestige eye products in the market today?

We decided to launch the Eye Cream like we have launched every other product in our range, from reverse inquiries from our consumers. We only formulate something that we believe adds to the conversation.

Our customers were looking for increased elasticity, less dark circles and reduced puffiness and so that’s what our Eye Cream does. While our Cream and Rich Cream contain enough TFC8 to be super effective, they don’t have a specific target. Our two new products are more specialised to help people obtain specific results.

In our initial plan, we wanted to release the Serum and Eye Cream in February, but we are a bit delayed. This is a consequence of the fact that we tweaked the formula, created tailor-made packaging and put in a special effort to design a beautiful object with sustainability in mind.

The ultimate wakeup call: The Eye Cream combines rejuvenating active ingredients with TFC8 to reduce wrinkles, boost radiance and minimise puffiness

Tell us more about the sustainability credentials of both The Serum and The Eye Cream?

Both The Serum and The Eye Cream are bottled in aluminium for the nomad and ceramic for the main object. The glass holders can be reused as a vase, pen carrier or glass pot. The fact that you only need to buy the Nomad Unit when you want a refill also diminishes waste. Our next step is to enable customers to just buy the central cartridge refill. In addition, most of our new packaging will only use minimum plastics.

In your opinion, what makes The Serum and The Eye Cream ideal products for the travel retail channel?

What makes these new products ideal for the travel retail channel is that that they are going to be the best products in their respective categories. The second reason is that they are pieces of art. They stand out and I don’t think any other skincare brand can create this impression.

When the travel retail consumer sees and touches our product, they will quickly understand that it delivers in terms of formula and premium experience. The Serum and The Eye Cream combine high-end appeal with skin cell expertise and premium sustainable design and we believe they will be very desirable.

They will be part of our rollout with DFS Group and a few other retailers that have bet on Augustinus Bader. For us, they are a beautiful showcase of what we can create and how different our brand is.

The Serum (top) and The Eye Cream (below) are available in a travel-friendly aluminium refill Nomad format that can be detached from the glass case

An object of desire: The glass jar can be upcycled as a vase, pen holder or decorative ornament

What product innovations and digital features can attendees expect to see at your #Virtual Stand during the second Virtual Travel Retail Expo?

Expo visitors will see that we are a high-end premium technology platform whose applications go beyond skincare. Today, we are expanding into hair care and supplements, and I think people understand that we stand for beauty inside and out.

We believe that the premium scalp care and hair treatment category is growing in travel retail too and so we are exploring that in the channel.

In the past, we have understood that our brand identity of having just two hero products have not made us that attractive to some retailers. However, in 2021, we now have a complete skincare assortment which offers a great showcase of our brand potential in travel retail.

We truly believe the world doesn’t need more products and so we want to confirm that our products rank number one in each category. Our voice will remain consistent no matter what we launch, and that’s all about science and quality.