INTERNATIONAL. The Moodie Davitt Report today sets out an exciting road map for the development of its inaugural Virtual Travel Retail Expo to be held in September and October.

As reported, travel retail’s first-ever Virtual Expo, which also features a Symposium led by some of the industry’s key thought leaders, takes place with a live event from 7-11 September with a 30-day follow-up showcase. Exhibitor bookings and buyer/retailer interest are now rising fast, with brand and service companies taking advantage of highly preferential ‘Early Bird’ rates before 1 June.


Ariel Gentzbourger: Looking forward to discovering new concepts in the virtual showrooms

DFS Group Executive Vice President Merchandising Ariel Gentzbourger said: “In an increasingly digital world, DFS applauds the Virtual Travel Retail Expo & Symposium initiative. Our merchandising and buying teams are looking forward to discovering new concepts in the virtual showrooms – all while staying close to our customers and teams.”

Ever Rich Duty Free President Kevin Chiang said that he and his management and buying teams will be out in force at the Expo.

“I think it’s a great idea,” he says. “Every exhibitor will kind of be like Elon Musk… able to showcase their products in a fun way and in a scheduled manner. And honestly, you can be better linked with who comes in to see your exhibition – they are better targeted and there’s better follow-up by themselves, so I think it is a wonderful idea.”

Kevin Chiang: Every exhibitor will be like Elon Musk

Other major retailers* that have just confirmed their participation in the Virtual Travel Retail Expo & Symposium include Duty Free Americas and Starboard Cruise Services.

The Trinity Institute is born

Excitingly, The Moodie Davitt Report plans to build on the learnings from this inaugural event and create a permanent year-round seat of knowledge, expos (global, national, company and sector-specific), workshops, seminars and B2B and B2C experiences, to be housed in the newly created Trinity Institute. This virtual entity will embrace all sectors of travel-related commercial services, including airports, airlines, cruise and ferry companies, omnichannel activities and much more across retail, food & beverage, hospitality, advertising, and other sectors.

“The Trinity Institute will be a community of networking, engagement and thought leadership,” said The Moodie Davitt Report Founder & Chairman Martin Moodie.  “It will host events big and small; become a haven for quality research; and be a one-stop shop for those wanting to discover more about our industry.

“Its creation has come about following discussions with key industry leaders. It will offer a never-ending journey of discovery; a chance to interact, learn online and to promote innovation. It will complement physical events through its own virtual Expos, workshops and symposiums; promote but simultaneously challenge our industry; showcase the work of critical trade associations; and be a limitless resource tool that all can draw on.”

More major announcements on the Moodie Davitt Virtual Travel Retail Expo and The Trinity Institute to follow soon.

*Retailers flock to Virtual Expo

No trade exhibition can flourish unless there is a strong buyer-seller presence and The Moodie Davitt Report is delighted at the commitment shown by travel retailers to sending their senior management and buying teams to the Virtual Travel Retail Expo.

They include Aer Rianta International, China Duty Free Group, Dubai Duty Free, Dufry, Duty Free Americas, Duty Free Philippines, Ever Rich Duty Free, Harding, Heinemann, King Power Group (HK), King Power International (Thailand), King Power Traveler, Lagardère Travel Retail, Landmark Management Services, Lotte Duty Free, Qatar Duty Free,  Regent Travel Retail Group, Shenzhen Duty Free, Starboard Cruise Services, Tasa Meng and 3Sixty Duty Free. Other names will be confirmed soon.