INTERNATIONAL. The Moodie Davitt Report is today launching a tender for a consumer research partner that can deliver high-quality insights about the travelling consumer worldwide in relation to shopping, food & beverage and other online to offline consumer services.

The initiative comes in response to industry requests for a new and highly rigorous level of consumer research, integral to the creation of The Trinity Institute (see below for details) and the Virtual Travel Retail Expo – both announced recently by The Moodie Davitt Report.

The partner will lead continuous research into the travelling consumer globally, reporting on their changing preferences, the drivers and motivations behind their spending, and crucially, analysis of what these developments mean for brand owners, retailers/food & beverage providers and landlords (from airports to airlines to cruise & ferry companies) and omnichannel providers. Particular emphasis will be placed on how travellers are reacting to the new world of travel post-COVID-19 and the implications for travel retail.

The research partner will help drive new insights into the traveller across markets and generations

The first major findings will be exclusively revealed during what promises to be a ground-breaking Symposium at the Virtual Travel Retail Expo in October. As reported, that event has gained further momentum with the naming of China Duty Free Group as Diamond Partner today, with a host of other leading travel retailers having committed to attending.

The research partner will also benefit from the powerful platform of The Trinity Institute, a newly created permanent seat of knowledge for the industry. This will become a home for quality research and a resource for the industry. As reported, it will also house expositions (global, national, company and sector-specific), workshops, seminars and B2B and B2C experiences. It will embrace all sectors of travel-related commercial services, including airports, airlines, cruise and ferry companies, omnichannel activities and much more across retail, food & beverage, hospitality, advertising, and other sectors.

The partner will also benefit from The Moodie Davitt Report’s multi-media platforms, unrivalled market penetration and global industry readership to showcase their work.

For further details contact Chairman Martin Moodie at and Senior Retail & Commercial Analyst Min Yong Jung at