INTERNATIONAL. As excitement builds around the upcoming inaugural Virtual Travel Retail Expo (12-16 October), UK-based independent Out of Home specialist The Talon Group and its international division Plexus are offering a remarkable US$250,000 free airport media space to one business partner that visits its Expo booth.

In addition, the client will benefit from free creative services from Talon’s specialist digital OOH creative agency Grand Visual.

#sendinglove: Talon Group underlined the power of OOH messaging in Times Square, New York, during the pandemic

The company – which will take its place in the Omnichannel/Travel Retail Services hall in the Exhibition Hub – is hosting partners and showing its flagship presentation ‘Effectively engaging with the connected traveller during the new consumer journey’.

The opportunity to win the services will be open to any company that believes it would benefit from a multi-market airport campaign. Potential winners can visit the booth and answer some questions based on the group’s presentation, to be entered into a draw.

Eye-catching campaigns for Oakley and Estée Lauder in the travel space; Talon and its Plexus international division will be promoting their services at the Virtual Travel Retail Expo

Managing Partner Adrian Skelton said: “The huge amount of customer data available combined with the amazing digital OOH assets at airports means there hasn’t been a better time to be smarter in how you engage consumers. Through smarter media planning and creativity we are able to say the right thing, at the right time, to the right people. The importance of this approach will be our main focus at the Virtual Travel Retail Expo.”

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