Tasa Meng has launched Japanese liquor brand Dassai Shochu at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in its main duty free departures store.

This marks the  first overseas launch of  Dassai Shochu  at an international airport, Tasa Meng General Manager Gary Chau told The Moodie Davitt Report.

Tasa Meng has continue to work closely with the brand owner, Asahi Shuzo Co, to promote new products during the COVID-19  pandemic.

“Travellers are excited to see the new products displayed at the main shop when they depart from Taipei,” Chau said.

Dassai Shochu is made by distilling ‘sake lees’ – a by-product of sake production. Production is limited and Dassai Shochu is based on strict sustainability principles, minimising waste from the precious Yamada-Nishiki rice base. For the full fascinating story about Dassai Shochu production, click here.

Dassai literally means ‘otter festival’. The term was coined long ago in the producing region of the Yamaguchi Prefecture, as so many otters frolicked in the nearby rivers.

The alcohol is set at 39% abv which brings out the brand’s renowned aromas.

Business improves; Tasa Meng to exhibit at Virtual Travel Retail Expo

Chau said that passenger traffic levels, devastated for months by the pandemic, are showing some encouraging life.

“The number of departing passengers has increased as families are bringing their children to the USA to prepare for the new school terms, while business travellers continue to visit  China.

Travel agents are also arranging vaccine tours to other parts of USA such as [US island territory] Guam.”

Underlining its faith in the future, Tasa Meng is to exhibit within the Retailer Emporium at the forthcoming Virtual Travel Retail Expo on 11-15 October (see graphic at foot of page).

Fellow Taiwanese travel retailer Ever Rich Duty Free Shop is also exhibiting as are many other players including Qatar Duty Free, Dubai Duty Free, Harding, Starboard Cruise Services and Lagardère Travel Retail.

An elegant high-profile activation for Dassai Shochu in the high-profile promotion area located within the main Tasa Meng departures shop at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 

Click on either image above or below to learn more about this extraordinary spirit and the craft and principles that lie behind its production

The Retailer Emporium promises to be a highlight of the Virtual Travel Retail Expo in October. Tasa Meng will be among several prominent travel retailers to exhibit alongside many leading brand houses.